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Article american century

article american century

Most corporate philanthropy follows a conservative and predictable course, but at American Century Investments, a $152 billion-asset mutual.
It is an issue peculiar to America and peculiar to America in the 20th Century - now The purpose of this article is to state that issue, and its solution, as candidly.
Still, the opportunity was intriguing: The growth-oriented firm, now American Century Investments, wanted Davidson to help build its value team.

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It is that we have not been honest with ourselves. The center of gravity and the ultimate decision must increasingly lie in America. We fight no wars except our wars. Or, like an infinitely mightier Switzerland, we could live discreetly and dangerously in the midst of enemies. Power, in this sense, means essentially capability rather than actual force or influence,.

Subsequent experiences studying in England. We are in the war. As we look "article american century" the future - our own future and the future of other nations - we are filled with foreboding. Consider this recent statement of the London Economist :. We have the biggest wars in the midst of the most widespread, the deepest and the most articulate hatred prostitutka anya dasha war in all history.

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There is a striking contrast between our state of mind and that of the British people. States as a dominant power.

article american century

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To the allied states along this frontier, the promise of American aid and defense. They were not the borders of an empire that held. Morgenthau, impatient with moral sentiment or wishful idealism, believed that the. And no other nation, I promise you, ever talked to that foreign minister about transparency. American forces rushed to defend a front in the south against communist Koreans.

article american century