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Articles doug caseys five reasons vote

articles doug caseys five reasons vote

Doug Casey's Top Five Reasons Not to Vote. By Doug Casey . And if they believe in voting, they tend to feel they are “wasting” their vote on someone who can't win . Previous article by Doug Casey: The Self-Identified Elite.
Doug: He might feel that way, but he'd better get his emotions under control. I've thought about this. So let me give you at least five reasons why.
By Doug Casey Aristotle defined five reasons why gold is money in the 4th century These are the reasons why gold is the best money. This article was originally published on International Man. as long as all of the people stick together by Continuous Voting and Writing To Their Political Leaders..

Articles doug caseys five reasons vote - expedition

Voting, as well as registering, entails hanging around government offices and dealing with petty bureaucrats. L : A friendly amendment: you do staunchly support voting with your feet. If you believe that coercion is an improper way for people to relate to one another, then you shouldn't engage in a process that formalizes and guarantees the use of coercion. L : It's probably also worth clarifying that you're not talking about all voting here. Why doesn't the government pay for it?

articles doug caseys five reasons vote

Now, I realize that my not voting won't make that happen. Guide to Offshore Banking. Oh, you mean the pretend election. But it only feeds power to people in politics and government, validating their existence and making them more powerful in the process, articles doug caseys five reasons vote. A useful chart of the political spectrum would look like this:. The conventional wisdom holds a decline in voter turnout is a sign of apathy. That's entirely apart from the fact that officials manifestly do what they want, not what you want, once they are in office. It makes news exclusive gosselin stripper jersey club empathize with Lenin when he said, "The worse it gets, the better it gets. The National Popular Vote NPV slogan "Every Vote Equal" is dishonest because the NPV proposal is based on legalizing vote-stealing. It is what it is, and if you don't vote the bums out, they remain in office. Which was when I first realized that while the situation is actually hopeless, it's also quite comic… Doug : And things have should elderly iron supplements gotten worse since then, with decades more public education behind us. Everybody else's lot would improve. And the closer we get to the edge, the more catastrophic the collapse it appears we're going to. Many Americans have intuitively recognized that government is the problem and have stopped voting. Ron Paul's major misstep was he didn't challenge the Iowa vote count immediately. What passes for tradition today is something against which the Founding Fathers would have led a second revolution. It could "articles doug caseys five reasons vote" a worldwide revolution fought and won without guns. It's as clear as can be, so long as you don't decide ahead of time that the state must be sanctified.

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  • But at least I'll know that what I did was ethical.
  • All of the governments of the world are, at this point, growing in extent and power — and rights violations — like cancers.

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Articles doug caseys five reasons vote going

There are at least five reasons many people do not vote:. Bismarck and Metternich were archetypes. And, at that point, the majority or even a plurality, a minority, or an individual can enforce their will on everyone else by claiming to represent the will of the people. What do you make of the impending circus, and what should a rational man do?

articles doug caseys five reasons vote