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Critics Consensus: Hardcore Henry seems poised to reinvent the action flick, but without a story or characters worth caring about, its first-person.
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Hardcore Henry is a 2015 science fiction action film written and directed by Ilya Naishuller, and produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Naishuller, Inga Vainshtein  Budget ‎: million..

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Sign in with Facebook. Reccomended for mature audiences or older teens that aren't easily disturbed. Several stuntmen portrayed Henry between scenes - in all, more than ten actors shared the role.

Copley imagines the technology extending past action and fundamentally changing the way a filmgoer experiences movies. While the film's actual story is nigh existent [ sic ], it's sure to please gamers and action junkies alike with its inventive set pieces and mind-boggling action" and " Hardcore Henry lives up to the title with non-stop, off-the-wall action and a love for all things video games". By using this site, hardcore henry bbctutoy, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We were doing prototypes all the way through pre-production while we hardcore henry bbctutoy doing tests, and blowing [the footage] up on the cinema screen list lesbian scenes games see if it was feasible to do a feature. Transformers: The Last Knight Moves Up Two Days. Shot over the past three years, Naishuller immersed himself in POV filmmaking, showing the cast and crew scenes from Kathryn Bigelow's noir dystopia Strange Days and Gareth Evans' martial arts flick The Raid: Redemption.

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  • As for his motivation, well lets just say it involves that age old plot device of cyborg super soldiers and taking over the world, nuff said...
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Hardcore Henry Interview with Sharlto Copley and Ilya Naishuller

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Given that the film is experienced as one continuous shot, there was no need for traditional coverage — but sequences had to be filmed in short bursts given the nature of the stunts and make-up effects involved. Footage would then be cut on-set, letting Naishuller show his crew what they were getting in a given sequence on the same day.