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Lightroom keeping date

lightroom keeping date

One of the biggest questions I get about Lightroom is how to I do how ever use the date method for backing up as it keeps the folder.
Lightroom 5.5 running on Macintosh Mavericks clobbers the creation date when Some have had icons rebuilt but still retain their creation date. I'm not.
Photo applications like iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, Picasa, Photoshop etc get their date and time from the Exif metadata. When you export from....

Lightroom keeping date - flying cheap

This system does make it very obvious if you are missing files…since there will be a gap in dates — if say you forgot to import photos that you had moved off your camera to some other storage for instance. You can set up an import template and it will always be consistent and you can have Lightroom do all the date folder creation, auto-renaming, and auto-organizing for you. For example, my wife and I both use lightroom, I might place a photo under portraits because the focus is on the people in the photo, she might place the same photo under Paris because the photo was taken on our trip to Paris. If you ever leave LR, you will need to a Save Metadata for all images and then b Export your entire LR catalog to other images. I use the same system and it works great for me. Then you have that trip stored in multiple folders because it happened on multiple dates.

On any given import I will assign automatically YYYY-MM as one keyword. I am an ex programmer. For me, using dates really makes it easier for me. Lightroom does that according to date information it extracts from EXIF information. This will be a performance issue only if the pages vergas ricas and the raw files are on the same disk but it will certainly be an unnecessary wear on your hard drive having to write and rewrite every second what is essentially backup data. Then I organize by Shoot Type i. When a user copies a file from one folder to another file hasn't changed. If this were easy and would not cause patent issues, Apple would have built a Lightroom Import feature into Aperture long ago. It's a simple matter of dragging the files into it's window, picking what action you want File Multi Tool to perform and letting it batch process the files. Then I specify more detailed location i. For real people in the real world, On export post production work for publishing, sharing, or my own home published NAS, I assign logical category folders and file names that real world scenarioso can deal. However, the timestamp in EXIF should be correct, assuming you don't strip of the metadata inthe export. There is no right or wrong way. So if you ever really need to find photos by date, lightroom keeping date, then you can to do it right. If you look in the Photo menu, you'll see Lightroom has three ways of labeling your favorites: Set Flag, Set Lightroom keeping date, and Set Color Label. Quick, simple and effective. The Lightroom database is not proprietary. One day I might have visited the floating market. No color means they have not been adjusted .

Lightroom keeping date -- tri easy

Because collections are the tool I use to get to my best photos. Higher level name descriptions will work. See Legacy version updates. Then by Shoot Description i. If you ever leave LR, you will need to a Save Metadata for all images and then b Export your entire LR catalog to other images. BUT now that I've "updated" to Lion, the Finder does not seem to be able to figure any of this out and all of my new photos transferred from phone and camera have the TRANSFER dates, not the date the file was created in the camera or phone. Have a printing set-up you use pretty often?