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Monsta disappoints with rush

monsta disappoints with rush

Dope Track! Really Fun MV =D MONSTA X doesn't disappoint! What other MONSTA X songs should we.
MONSTA X (몬스타엑스) - Mini Album ' RUSH ' [Full Album]. 1. I actually prefer their debut album, though their second mini didn't disappoint.
I honestly don't think Monsta X have a unique sound that they can call theirs. I'm disappointed not because the song is bad, but rather because.

Monsta disappoints with rush journey

What does he offer that the other members don't? Right off the batt I liked the matte blue of the 'Secret' version. Would be much better if stripped down and there were less background noises going on behind the track. I like the song though! Hey guys, it's Onew here with my first review for Review it! Are you referring to seventeen? So I decided to put together a "dream" pla... I just hope they make music that's different and that can only be made by Monsta X.

monsta disappoints with rush

Just when you thought Monsta X had gone soft, bam, they throw you a curve ball kind of. They still haven't put out a song to top Interstellar, tho. M is my bias in Monsta X I mean LOOK AT HIM! They are very talented and they impressed me once again with this comeback. This track marks the start of Monsta X's vocal display. The acting shifts from cute to masculine, and we see a brief fight scene monsta disappoints with rush the Monsta X men and the group of predatory guys who have abducted their girl. This song is sexy and soft, the members vocals wrapping what ways apologize besides saying sorry you in a soothing blanket of feels Was that too weird. I could be wrong. I like the song though! I'm sorry but when you watch their survival show and come to learn their talents and skills, you'll understand why I'm questioning Minhyuk in the group in place of the other either more talented or better looking candidates. Their love interest is introduced, and almost immediately we switch into gangster mode when the guys have to track her. M I can't with you like how dare you. The song itself is also quite catchy. Nevertheless, Monsta X proved me wrong and made a solid comeback that gave me high hopes for their future. Minhyuk playing video games with Jooheon. It's a ballad if I've ever heard one, even Jooheon slows it down to nearly a stop. That was the first video I watched of NO MERCY and I was so impressed by Wonho. Hi, I decided to post some of my Pristin drawings because w. I hope you enjoy, monsta disappoints with rush, and 'Please. And though I was elated at their return, I was also nervous about the quality of their comeback since it felt so rushed no pun intended.

Tour Seoul: Monsta disappoints with rush

  • Hi, I decided to post some of my Pristin drawings because w... I'm disappointed not because the song is bad, but rather because its mediocre in a sense where its expected from them.
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Monsta disappoints with rush - going

I really like Monsta X, and I'm happy to have been a fan of theirs since the beginning. Tags: Monsta X , Starship Entertainment..

monsta disappoints with rush

Monsta disappoints with rush - - tri

I don't think they ever left the building to be honest. I legit thought he was the lead vocalist for the group ofc I realized his weaknesses later during the next group mission. Another vocal heavy song that even has I. So I was surprised to hear about their sudden return in September. If you didn't yet, go check them, their music is really good, they're really talented and totally adorable. The whole photobook looks great. Love Wonho crying into a bag of tortilla chips.

monsta disappoints with rush