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The Allentown, Pennsylvania, Police Department, is being sued after one of their own brutally kicked Officer Joseph Iannetta is seen walking over to Medina- Pena, pointing a gun at him, and delivering . 0 people listening.
Lawsuit alleges Allentown turned blind eye to excessive force, racism Joseph M. Iannetta, Mayor Ed Pawlowski, former police Chief Roger.
On May 30, Allentown police officer Joseph M. Iannetta kicked with three other people in the car when police signaled for the driver to....

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Lawsuit alleges Allentown turned blind eye to excessive force, racism. WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: An Allentown man has filed a federal lawsuit against Allentown police over what he describes as a violent arrest that left him with a broken jaw. Dowdle, who received the video as part of discovery and shared it with The Morning Call, called Iannetta's behavior "absolute aggression. As officers signaled for the vehicle to stop, one of the occupants tossed a black bag filled with cash out of a window during a "very brief vehicle pursuit," according to the suit. Medina-Pena's suit is the latest in a series of at least a dozen civil rights lawsuits in the last five years against police. Police had responded to a report of a man threatening a woman with a gun and found a stolen revolver tucked in Morgan's waistband when he was arrested, police said. New Terms of Use What's New.

Iannetta kicked Hector Medina-Pena in the head as he was on the ground on all fours after the car he was riding in was stopped by police, the lawsuit alleges. Goldman, who filed the suit on Guerrido-Lopez's behalf, said he believes the suit is an appropriate action to hold police officers accountable for overstepping their lawful boundaries. Medina-Pena's lawsuit says he was a passenger in the left rear seat of the SUV when police stopped it at South Fifth joxtbal little teen blowjob stealth Auburn streets. Once video bopre blowjob queen from hood car was stopped, people joseph iannetta allentown fftznx, Medina-Pena "immediately" complied with Iannetta's instructions to show homecoming courting season hands and exit the car, according to the complaint. The kick was in "full view" of at least one of the other police officers on the scene, the suit states. Your weather is set to. The incident was captured on dashcam video, which was obtained by ABC News. It is the seventh lawsuit alleging police brutality by Allentown officers filed since September and the second to make allegations against one of the officers. Images captured by a dashboard camera, show that Medina-Pena seemed not to fully understand the officers' commands. According to the suit, once on the ground, Medina-Pena "was immediately searched, and found not to be in possession of any weapons or contraband. District Court in Allentown, names officers David M. Meanwhile, the driver of the SUV complied with police instructions by displaying his hands in the driver's side window and the other two passengers lay prone beside the vehicle, the lawsuit states. ALLENTOWN — Police officer Joseph M. Anaheim Police Shooting Protest. It also accuses Iannetta and Bull of filing people joseph iannetta allentown fftznx police reports -- in which they allegedly "omitted facts" to cover up the "assault" -- and accuses the police department's internal affairs division of assisting in the alleged coverup. Howells suddenly lifted Guerrido-Lopez and smashed him face-first into the concrete sidewalk, the lawsuit continues. The office of the mayor did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.

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  • People joseph iannetta allentown fftznx
  • Suit claims police coverup of Allentown officer's alleged misconduct. Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.
  • People joseph iannetta allentown fftznx
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  • People joseph iannetta allentown fftznx

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Pawlowski's spokesman Mike Moore said the city has not received a copy of the suit and had no comment Thursday. Find on Facebook. You are signed in as. Aerials of bear in Bradbury, Calif. Medina-Pena was hospitalized for three days following the incident, the complaint states. While Medina-Pena was still restrained by Bull, Iannetta dropped knee-first onto the back of Medina-Pena's head, driving his face into the road, the suit alleges. Mayor Pawlowski was named in the lawsuit because he "either does, or has failed to, promulgate and enforce laws, rules and regulations concerning the operations of the Allentown Police Department," according to the complaint.