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Question answer deal with very confusing virgo

question answer deal with very confusing virgo

This is why most Virgo men tend to marry very late in life, or not at all. The best way to deal with a virgo male in a love relationship is to be honest, up front and This man questions himself constantly so he won't move in haste. i've been seeing this virgo guy and i'm so confused with him. we have great.
They are extremely logical and often find it hard to cope with a woman they love. Whatever you ask your Virgo boyfriend about, he`ll give you a full answer and explain why it Virgo men tend to ask hundred questions a minute. . And when I say sit us down, please don't confuse that with making a huge.
They know exactly how to treat a woman. Virgo men are very slow when it comes to getting into romantic relationships. .. He demands I answer certain questions about men if I don't things but never wants to answer me. .. i was confuse to into i catch him like always. virgo aint smart they give there self..

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Im sooo effin confused. We analyze things around us. Him: knowing that I just lied to him I see. I've told him it's best that I move out because this situation is not good for either of us. We've only been talking for like ten days.... Do not read blogs and horoscopes and play games. Now when you add the fact that he's a virgo, the push pull thing will only be enhanced. Anyway we sent messages back and fourth for days, just writing and joking and he asked me to come and visit him its far from where I live and that he would plan something fun for us to do.
question answer deal with very confusing virgo

You give him attention, he plays hard to get, pulls away a bit and although he doesn't act cold, he is still very caring and attentive it is less so than I would hope. Me: Because I don't want to bother you. To communicate often and invoke emotions, that is feminine. He can take care to pay off the bills and to take care of your future children without asking for help. The mood swings yes, i think when i look at my man he has more PMS than a woman almost a bipolar affect. Well, a virgo GAY guy. I have this saying: cheap horse racing story churchill downs pick stakes from arlington park the pocketbook, cheap at heart. I was tired and loopy, I swore i wasn't gonna make the first move! MY HUSBAND IS ANGRY, VERBALLY ABUSIVE, GIVES ME THE SILENT TREATMENT, COLD, SAYS HE DOESN'T CARE, LIES, CHEATS, ANGRY AND SAD. He wont be your boyfriend tomorrow. Then there's the trust issue. To me, he's charming and misterious, he makes my life exciting when he's around and also when he isn't around. Words are not. Well any ways I don't criticize everybody's like people say virgos do I understand everybody is not perfect that's fine I also consider my self very understanding and open to most situations and different things I'm not anal like most people say virgos are, and another thing I love adventure and unconventuality doesnt sound very virgo-ish does it, I still am I a thinker and may be a but quiet but I can still open up!

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And at times it is rough because communications is not our strong suit but we both need to work at it to make sure there is some sort of understanding. But they are, more than any sissy They are very good at hiding it. I'm interested in a Virgo man. Virgo men do tell it like it is yet could work on understanding their partner's emotions better when their partner is trying to communicate with them. I repeat, do not play games! There's definitely that push and pull thing which is a complete waste of my time.