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Stop being passive

stop being passive

If you tend to be relatively passive when interacting with others and hope Make sure to practice being more assertive whenever you're in that.
Being passive has unfortunately quite a few more negatives than positives. Passivity, in its core, is a disinclination to act for ourselves. It can be.
There will be times in your life when you need to be passive, or, where being passive at that moment will allow you You will hear them stop, start, and hesitate.

Stop being passive tri

Eventually, you will be filled with a sense of resentment. Passive behavior is usually signified by an inability to take action and often leads to a feeling of boredom.

stop being passive

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  • Stop being passive
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Stop being passive - - flying

How could Mary be so inconsiderate? I do think I tend to avert eye contact, and I also tend to smile with just the corners of my mouth.