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Xwall admin options

xwall admin options

Enable relaying for authenticated users in XWall in Options ->General->Relay . Start System Manager (Exchange Admin) and select Servers->Your.
Open the message in Outlook and then select View-> Options and here you . Domain\User or start the service using the Administrator account.
Make sure you have enough free disk space if you enable this option. . XWall calls the scanner with the arguments you specify and the current filename....

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Additional Info: Live statistic of the CCS server Threshold Defines above which level XWall should trigger the action Log detailed triplet description last seen, time elapsed If this is enabled XWall shows a detailed description how the CCS valued a checksum. ETRN signals your ISP's SMTP host that it can send its queued messages now. Enable inbound SMTP authentication using pass-through NTLM logon If selected, XWall performs a network logon using the user and password that the SMTP client provided.
xwall admin options

In this dialog select the labeled Network and then select Route all mail though the following smart host. Triggering the action on a different errorlevel : If XWall should trigger the action on a different errorlevel then you can do this by adding the line. Your XWall gets the message and decodes it properly means as plain text. Defines how long XWall should wait until it retries a failed outbound SMTP connection. Options Use long date in statistic file yyyy-mm-dd vs. So disabling Cisco PIX MailGuard SMTP fixup does not cause a risk, but improves the performance and reliability of your mail transfer, xwall admin options. A new message is sent to the recipient with information what method caused the blocking. Check if the message has a faked From: address.

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  • Xwall admin options
  • If there is no connector in the list, then create one, else select the properties of the correct outbound connector.
  • Add Common Adds strings and words to the list that are commonly used in spam messages Action List of Actions Inbound, Outbound XWall scans the normalized text and html part of the message case sensitive for the specific string and HTML tags are removed from the html part of the message before the scan.
  • Product Info XWall is a spam filter for Microsoft Exchange Detect Spam using RBL, Greylisting, SURBL, Bayesian, SPF, Backscatter Block messages using keywords in subject or text or attachments with a specific name.
  • The message doesn't contain the words you are blocking at the time XWall processes it. Symptoms: Outgoing messages are not handled by XWall Cause: Exchange does not forward outgoing messages to XWall Solution:. Smart host The name or IP xwall admin options of the smart host where XWall should relay to DNS server The IP address of the name server DNS which XWall should use to get the MX record s for the recipient domain.

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Add Common Adds some common free-of-charge services. Symptoms: XWall is running as a console application without any problems, but when running as a service errors are reported. If you have an XWALLFilter serial number. Note: A high priority message will overwrite the schedule. Smart host The name or IP address of the smart host where XWall should relay to DNS server The IP address of the name server DNS which XWall should use to get the MX record s for the recipient domain. Reject the connection attempt from the following IP address or host reset TCP If enabled, it will help against connection flooding by a botnet. First of all, accepting a mail doesn't mean relaying and the documentation of the relay test describes this. XWall waits some time to see if the scanner removes or renames one of the files, indicating that a virus was found.

xwall admin options